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How Human Hair wigs are Tailored For Maintaining Utmost Elegance

Remember those days when a judge used to enter his courtroom wearing a white curly hair wig? Back in those days a wig was a symbol of wealth and power signifying intellectual, sexual and social status. Although wig had lost its importance in between but still it was widely used among various men and women across the globe. Besides fashion statement itblonde wigs has always been a need for those who have problem of losing or thinning hair. Wigs were widely used in theaters and movies and no need to mention how important it is for a patient fighting cancer. The trend of fashion wigs of various styles and funky colors is once again picking up in 21st century. The craze is seen among women who wants to wear a different style every few days. Synthetic wigs has already created its market because of its cheap price and easy maintenance. But since most women wants to go natural, human hair wig is catching up very fast. The human hair wigs are made from real human hair and thereby they look elegant and real. They need to be styled all over again after washing, just like real hair. Women are ready to pay a hefty sum of money to get the best of human hair wigs from different parts of the globe.  Questions that might throng the minds of several is how long human hair wigs do last, what are the various types of wigs available, how they are made and what is the cost. Read on the blog to get some insight as sighted by quite a few human hair suppliers in India.

Human hair offers a natural and elegant look and it is a costly item-

Human hair offers a very natural look. Frankly speaking, it can turn out to be a very expensive pick and it requires proper care to maintain its durability. As per estimates, human hair wigs can last from 1-3 years depending on maintenance and care. They are quite soft and are very shinny and the overall movement seems to be very natural throughout its life.

    The wholesale price of a good quality human hair ladies wig may vary from anything between $50 usd to $500 usd. In the retail market it is sold in a much higher price and may vary from $250 usd to $1000 usd. Some designer brand custom wigs are made for celebrities whose cost may go up to $2000-4000 usd. So let us discuss few major points on which cost of human hair wig depends –

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    Chemically unprocessed, single donor Virgin Remy Hair –

    50% of the cost depends on the quality of hair you choose. There are several types of hair available in the market which are collected by various small traders and hawkers. But it is important to pick up the best hair for making a good quality wig. A remy hair (chemically unprocessed) which has all its cuticles aligned in the same direction (roots and tips). The best remy hair is the one which is cut off from one single donor. And also it is important to check the hair is not pre-dyed and in its complete natural state (virgin hair). Chemically unprocessed, single donor Virgin Remy hair is the best quality hair ever. It has full cuticle in them. Cuticles are important to hold the styles in the human hair wig, when you style them with styling tools. Cuticles also hold the moisture and keeps the hair soft for a long time. The durability is also best in this type of hair. (In some cases a wig takes more hair than what is obtained from a single donor. In that case it is required to add another donor’s hair, but it is important to check the colour and the texture of hair is matching accurately )

Mixed Donor Remy Hair

A remy hair not necessarily has to be from single donor. Hair from multiple donors are often mixed together to make a wig. As I said earlier remy hair comes from different sources. Then they are mixed together to make bulk bundles of remy hair. This hair is then used to make wigs. The main problem with this hair is it is mixed from multiple donors who had different

curly wigs, deep culry wigs

colours and different textures. They are blended well so that it looks one single color and texture, but you often face problem while colouring or styling your wig to your choice. It might not give you the perfect shade of colour you desire. As these hair are collected from various unknown sources, they are often chemically processed to prevent them from tangling. A chemically processed hair although looks soft and shiny (with the use of silicon), but they have less or no cuticles in them, Hence it does not hold the style (curls or waves) rightly.


Making a complete wig takes effort and time. A full lace wig takes 40 hours of time for an experienced labour This type of wig is made completely manually by tying each hair strand into a net type material called wig lace. Technique and expertise are applied to give a wig most natural look. A full lace wigs costs highest among all other wigs as the entire wig is done manually without using machine. Full lace wigs are highly in demand as they look natural from every angle and is most comfortable wearing. Since a full lace wig is completely made tying up one by one hair into the lace, it can be parted from anywhere and thus gives a very natural feel and look.

     Hand tying method is the most time taking process of making a wig. To reduce the cost of making, several other machine-made wigs are made. But machine-made wigs are difficult to part. Few wigs are partially man and machine made. In this case the hand tying is done only in the front part of the wig and rest is done in machine. Hand tying portions are generally used to make the part. These types of wigs can be parted only in the portion of hand tying.


wig caps  There are several types of wig caps available in the market. They are made with laces and nets to provide ventilation to the scalp. The caps design signifies which portion of the wig is supposed to be made by hand tying or machine. While choosing a lace or a cap for the wig, it is important to check the ventilation, the colour which should match with your skin and adjustable straps to adjust with size of your head. The materials of the cap should be durable and should not expand while using for long. Swiss laces are considered to be the best wig cap material followed by German laces. These days HD laces are on high demand as it is transparent and almost invisible when wore.

  The overall styling of human hairs-

raw hair wigsThe origin of hair is not always a prime factor for these types of pelts. But the quality of hair, the technique of styling and processing is directly concerning the overall strength. It also depends on the quality of end products. Not to forget the usage of chemicals required to disinfect and shred the original colour to produce quite a few curl patterns. 

Human hairs can be considered as a premium option

The human hairs are measured as a first-rate option. The hair follicles are kept moving right in the same way while accumulating and crafting the wig for the hairpiece. As cuticles all run in a similar direction, tangling is decreased. The overall looks of the hair turn to be silky and formulated.

wigsIt is very important to apply care products that are specifically constituted for highly textured human hair as cited by human hair suppliers in India. One needs to keep this in mind that wearing hairs will not prove to be advantageous from the natural oils from the pelt. It’s a pivotal approach to hydrate and offers care to the hairs daily.


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  1. Warren Bower says:

    Well buying a braiding hair wigs will make you beautiful as it makes you so elegance that your known man can’t identify you by wearing it moreover you may need to consult from hair expert which type of hair wig he or she should wear.

  2. Faylinn says:

    Wow, I had no idea that full lace wigs usually take about 40 hours to make by an experienced professional. This makes sense, and I think it would be really cool to get one for my cousin since she was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer and she will need to do chemotherapy, which means that she will lose her long and very healthy hair. I think that I will now start looking for medical human hair wigs online so I can make sure that I can find something that will fit her face and her skin color and that she will appreciate during this hard time.

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