Are you tired of finding the right hair extensions salon in Kolkata? Why most Customers are left unsatisfied with hair extensions ? It is important to know, India is just catching up with this trend. To get the perfect hair for yourself, you need to visit a professional hair extension salon. Unfortunately, it is hard to find one. A professional hair extensions salon is the one who deals dedicatedly into hair extensions only and not a regular type of beauty parlor for makeup and hair cutting.


  1. A professional hair extension salon will have a lot of stock and can give you wide range of choices in length, color, and styles. You have the opportunity choose and select the particular hair, try them on you before going for installation.
  2. There are multiple techniques of permanent hair extension application. Every client’s hair is different and not all techniques are applicable for everyone. A professional hair extension salon will guide you and use the best application method suitable for your hair type.
  3.  Hair extension solution may not be same for every client. Only a hair extension specialist can give you right solutions and do a custom work if required.
  4. Prices according to quality is better.
  5. Often hair extensions are made with two, more or multiple donor’s hair. Someone not having adequate knowledge, will fail to give the best results.
  6. A professional hair extension expert can give you the ultimate finishing in installing the hair extensions with your natural hair.
  7. A hair extension expert can give you the best possible natural look by customizing installation process.
  8.  A dedicated hair extension salon will have much more experience on hair extensions than a regular salon. Thus the guarantee and the trust factor is much higher than a normal salon.

If you are looking for the best hair extension salon in Kolkata, then you are at the right place. Call us to book your appointment. Prior appointment is mandatory.


Curls and Tresses is brand owned by De La India Exports, involved in manufacturing , exporting, supplying, training and salon application of Human hair extensions since 2016. We have our dedicated manufacturing unit and hair extensions salon in Kolkata.

Our experience and international exposure helps us to stand out in the competitive market of human hair extensions. We use the latest techniques and tools for permanent hair extension installation. Combined with it, we offer latest hair treatments which are most suitable for hair extensions.

We also take custom order for your hair extensions and deliver them in 2-3 days time.


With Curls and Tresses – Hair extensions salon, you will have multiple options of installing permanent hair extensions. Our experts can guide on which technique will best suit in your type of hair. We keep the latest techniques and tools available in the international market.

  1. Micro ring hair extension installation
  2. Glue extensions installation
  3. Nano ring hair extension installation
  4. 6D Hair extension installation
  5. Tape hair extension installation
  6. Weave on hair extension installation

                      WHY CHOOSE US

  • Our Expertise is not limited to application only. We manufacture them too. Hence we take 100% authority for the product we sell.
  •  Wide range of choice in hair and different application techniques.
  • We take custom order, according to your choice and deliver within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Super double drawn quality of hair, having thick volume till the ends.
  • Most advanced techniques and tools used.
  • Once you purchase a hair extension from us, we can covert them in another type of hair extensions in case you don’t like them after few months. Your money is never wasted.

If your search for best hair extensions salon in Kolkata has ended here, don’t forget to give us a call or whats app us at +91 9830181702 / +91 9874084798 for booking your appointment. To know about our permanent hair applications, and for the Hair Extensions Price In Kolkata. pls click the below link.