Hair Extensions Course in India

Due to bad food and water, hair fall is a common issue among most women, giving an exponential growth to the market of hair extensions. Hair extensions course in India is designed for salon owners and hair professionals to give a flawless result to their client and help them add volume, length and add style to their hair.

Hair extensions course in India can be highly expensive, but we at Curls and Tresses offer you an intensive and in depth training program on all types of hair extensions and their applications in a very affordable price. We organize workshops and training sessions in Kolkata and other cities. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram to stay updated on our next training programs. Our Hair extensions courses are available in Kolkata. These will be Individual training sessions to be conducted in our factory premises at kolkata. Click here to see our upcoming training schedule.

Course Modules & Certification

Our hair extension course is divided into Module 1 and Module 2. Module 1 is a 8 hours training session of both theory and practical classes. Remember theory is most important for a candidate aspiring to create a career in the profession. Theory class gives you core knowledge about hair extensions, market practices and the business itself. After completion of the practical class, you will be confident in applying permanent hair extensions on your client, else we return your money.

Module 2 is a full 8 hours practical training session, where you will learn more tricks and techniques of applying other types of permanent hair extensions. After completion of module 2 you can offer a wide range of choices for your client. A candidate must complete Module 1 to get enrolled in Module 2. Certificate is provided after successful completion of both the modules.

If you are looking forward to get the best hair extensions course in India, enroll yourself now.


hair extensions course in india