The most common problem in hair extensions for long sizes are, it narrows down at the ends, looking very thin at the bottom. Hence client is never satisfied with with the volume she desired at the bottom. To beat the challenge, we are selling double drawn hair extensions in India.  Double drawn hair extensions in India are for people, who are looking for full volume till the ends. It is made using a unique technique of hair mixing from various hair donors. It is not a single donor’s hair. Curls and Tresses offers high quality double drawn hair extensions in most affordable price and is a common name among the leading double drawn hair extensions suppliers in India.

double drawn hair extensions in india

Double Drawn hair extensions are a common product among most beauty parlors and hair salons in India. It is known for thickness and volume till the ends, even in long size hair extensions. We keep ready stocks from 18 inches to 30 inches for one day delivery at any part of India. If you need different color than natural, contact us in advance. The video shows a demonstration of different lengths.

Advantages and disadvantages of double drawn hair extensions

Advantages –

  1. Double drawn hair extensions are very useful when it comes to full voluminous look till the end of the hair. Such voluminous look is a desire of every client
  2. The color of the hair matches easily with natural Indian hair ( level 3)
  3. They can be colored.
  4. They can be permanently straightened.
  5. Keratin treatment can be done on them.

Disadvantages –

1. Double drawn hair is a mix of hair from multiple donor. Hence a mild chemical processing is done at times to avoid tangle issues.

2. You can bleach them up to level 7 or 8 maximum. You cannot bleach them till level 10 or 12. Although in India, normally clients don’t look for such highest level of bleaching shades.