We are a Indian hair product manufacturing company from India, dealing in authentic Indian hair. Having our experience since 2010, now we have enlarged and export our products in almost all corners of the globe. Equipped with all kinds of advanced machines and technology required in the process and India being one of the most hottest destination for great quality hair, we can guarantee you a world class manufacturing standard along with authentic Indian hair of the best quality and best durability.

Luxuryindianhair.com is a subsidiary website of the mother company “DE LA INDIA’. The facilities and sources are part of new manufacturing hubs, or “clusters”, developing across India. These clusters take advantages of the traditional skills of a community. We at “DE LA INDIA” constantly thrive to organize, train and transform local groups of workshops and small factories into a modern industry, in order to produce international quality standard products and cater the vast pool of global requirement.

Luxuryindianhair.com is a copyrighted website of “DE LA INDIA” designed to market our hair products across the globe. India is increasingly becoming a hot destination for purchasing original human hair. Every year we welcome hundreds of foreign buyers who come to our factories to purchase original Indian hair in bulk. We are proud to be one of the major suppliers of Authentic Indian hair across the globe with a supplying capacity from 100 grams to few metric tons per month.


Sacrificing hair in hindu temples, is an ancient tradition taking place in India since 2000 years.
Each pilgrimage site welcomes about 40,000 to 100,000 pilgrims everyday. And this is a major source of Indian Remy hair.
These hair are mostly never been subjected to anything more abrasive than coconut oil and herbal
soap and has sometimes never been cut before. A multi ethnic study headed by Yeshwant Kamath, who used to head the Textile Research Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, demonstrated that Indian hair was found the best, topping all other ethnic groups in thickness,tensile strength, shine and smoothness, When samples of Asian, caucasian and Indian hair were put together for test.
‘Trynbuyhair.com, a brand owned by De La India, assure you chemical free, healthy,highest quality human hair direct from our Indian factory, in the best market price. Dont get duped with low quality, heavily priced hair, when you already know the best source of hair is India.
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We stock 3 varieties or 3 different types of hair. You will get almost all products in all these 3 different types of hair. So it is important for you to know about these hair before you make a purchase.

1. Raw one donor remy temple hair

These hair are absolutely raw and no chemicals are used through out the manufacturing process. It is taken care that the roots and tips of each hair remains in the same direction as they originated in the donors heard so that they do not tangle while using and remains natural throughout its life. These hair are procured from Indian temples. This hair has 100% cuticle on them.

As this hair is less available than others, the cost of this hair is much higher than other types of hair. One donor virgin remy hair is exclusively an Indian product and seldom available in any other countries. We sell this hair in absolute natural form and in their natural colors only. If you are looking forward to bleach your hair into #613 or any 100% colour accuracy, we will suggest you to go for single donor hair.
We give a life guarantee of 2 to 4 years on these hair depending on usage. If taken care rightly, this can give a longer life than what we commit.

2. Virgin remy hair

These are also remy hair but they may not be from single donor always. In this category, it is also taken care that the roots and tips are aligned in the same direction. “Virgin remy hair” is the standard name for this type of hair and is widely sold through out the globe in every shop and beauty parlor. Yes, you can color them or bleach them too. But because they are from mixed donors it may be sometimes difficult to achieve 100% accuracy in colors. Rest is all absolutely similar like single donor hair. In this category we give a guarantee of 1.5 to 2 years.

3. Colors and Blondes

This category is for customers who do not want to bleach or color hair by themselves, but like to buy ready made fancy colors. You need not worry, we do it for you. These hair are bleached and colored to achieve different levels of hair color shade. In this category,the hair that we use can be single donor or virgin remy depending on the color level that we want to achieve. Guarantee of hair in this category is for 1 year.


Making texture of different styles like curly, wavy etc etc is a complete natural process without any chemical. This is usually done with steam pressure. Our textures last for about 8 to 10 washes and you can always style them again.

What is hair extension ?

Artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions or hair weaves, add length and fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair.

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