Can Hair extension damage your hair

Can Hair Extensions Cause Damage to Your Natural Hair?

Hair extensions are one of the biggest inventions of the hair & beauty industry. These allow everyone to achieve their dreams of having longer, thicker, and fuller tresses. Also, extensions can be used to change up your appearance whenever you want. You can even color the extensions and save your natural hair from chemical damage. 

With that said, at Curls and Tresses, we meet tons of people asking us the same question over and over again – can hair extensions damage natural hair? We’re here to tell you the truth about this misconception regarding extensions that have been going around for years. 

The honest answer is that hair extensions do not damage natural hair.

However, their improper application and poor aftercare might ruin your hair. The various extension application methods include clip-ins, tape-ins, microbeads, and fusion keratin tips. These methods are all safe, but you need to apply the extensions properly so that they don’t pull your hair or cause discomfort. 

Also, if you’re using clip-ins, remember that they are temporary hair extensions and you must remove them before going to bed. By removing the extensions, you’ll be allowing the roots of your hair to breathe. On the other hand, tape-ins can be worn even when you’re in bed or swimming (provided they’re made from genuine human hair). 

If you come to Curls and Tresses to get hair extensions, be assured that we will suggest the right extension application method according to your needs and quality of hair. Moreover, we will provide you with thorough extension after-care advice so that your extensions last longer and your natural hair stays beautiful. 

Do you still have questions? Reach out to us without any hesitation. And if you’re experiencing baldness or hair loss, we highly recommend that you consult a doctor. 

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