Clip on Hair Volumizer Extensions are primarily made to add volume to your existing hair. Additionally they can increase length and add colors to your natural hair. Volumizer hair extensions are highly on demand as most women have problem of loosing hair. Curls and Tresses is a manufacturer of human hair extensions and a leading supplier of hair volumizer extensions in India.

Tips and tricks – If you are bored with natural colors only, you have various options with us. You can now create different shades and different colors, without actually visiting a parlor. You  save your natural hair from damaging and the hefty amount of salon bill. Wearing a different shade than your natural hair will create a trendy dual color balayage look. For an example, if your natural hair color is dark brown, you may choose a blonde hair extensions to create a funky balayage look.

Pack sizes – The pack sizes are separated to fit your exact need. For adding volume only at the back side of your hair, you need to use a

1 pc back hair volumizer extensions which comes in a single piece of 9 inches, covers ear to ear portion. This is a quick solution to add volume at the back and very widely used.

The 2 pcs Side hair Volumizer extensions are meant to add volume to your sides. They come in 2 pieces of 4 inches each.

3 pcs full hair volumizer extensions are most common and used to increase volume at the back and the sides as well.  They come in 3 pieces of 1 x 8 inches and 2 x 4 inches for back and sides.

All hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, so you can style and color them according to your choice. Wear them anytime anywhere and look gorgeous with great volume and bouncy hair.