Get Best Hair Extensions Training in India

Start a rewarding career in the booming industry of hair extensions. Because of the fast growing industry hair extensions training in India can be highly expensive in the major cities. We at Curls and Tresses offer you an extensive training program at the most affordable prices. Get core knowledge on hair extensions directly from the manufacturer. This Hair extensions training program is specially designed for the salon owners and hair professionals. After completion of the training, you will have a in depth knowledge about various types of hair extensions, their quality, various techniques. You will be confident to install permanent hair extensions on your client , the very next day, else we guarantee 100% return of money. Get lifetime support and wholesale prices on all products and supplies. If you are looking for the best hair extensions training in India, enroll yourself for the upcoming days in your respective cities.

Individual and batch Training

We provide hair extensions training in kolkata to individuals inside our factory premises. Individual training program will cost you 12000. If you are looking forward to get trained individually , contact us and book our dates. You need to come to kolkata at our factory premises for the training.

Batch training cost you 8000 and is provided across India, mostly in the major cities. Follow  us on Facebook, Instagram to get updates on our next training destination. Batch training are conducted with limited number of seats. So please book your seats in advance.

What you Learn

We offer you complete and extensive hair extension training program. The class is divided in to theory and practical sessions. Practical session is normally for 4 to 5 hours, where you will do a complete installation ( 100 strands ) of permanent hair extensions on a dummy. After that you will be also trained on removing the extensions and re installing them.

Theory –

  • How to identify a good quality hair extension for your client. What to buy and what to reject. Remember purchase is most important for any business.
  • Understanding the ratio and relation of length / volume/ weight and number of strands. Don’t get misguided with bad industry practices.
  • Knowing the different types of hair extension products, their application and various techniques of installation.
  • Be aware of market and bad business practices.
  • Wholesale prices and market prices.

Practical –

  • Hand on application on major clip on extensions used in market.
  • Complete hands on training for 4 to 5 hours on application of micro ring – permanent hair extensions.
  • Removing, repairing and reinstallation of hair extensions.
  • Toppers and patches.
  • Brief application of other types of permanent hair extensions.

Why Choose Us For Hair Extensions Training in India ?

  • 7 + years of experience in manufacturing, training and strong practical experience on hair extensions applications in Kolkata.
  • We have excellent feedback on training and hair extensions application from our direct clients.
  • When a manufacturer is a trainer, be sure you are learning something in depth.
  • We carry all types of samples and tools required to give live demonstrations during the theory and practical classes for your better understanding.
  • Get lifetime support and updates on new products and techniques.
  • Get high quality hair extensions and tools supplied very easily in no time.

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